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Reizgje Intercontinental Journey embarked on its journey in 2017, assembling a cadre of seasoned and highly motivated professionals dedicated to crafting impeccable holiday experiences for our valued customers. Our organization thrives on a cohesive team dynamic, collaboratively curating an array of superlative holiday destinations and packages. Spearheading our operations in Sri Lanka is Mr. W.M.C.N Wijesundara, a veteran in the domains of Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management, fortified by years of practical expertise and holding a PG.Dip.SML /, Com qualification. Mr. Wijesundara’s robust and far-reaching professional network plays a pivotal role in optimizing and enhancing the efficiency of our business operations.

Message from the Zonal Coordinator(sl)

“We collaborate closely with all of our partners, diligently addressing every facet of our customers’ requirements, with an unwavering commitment to deliver unparalleled satisfaction and an unparalleled travel experience. Our overarching objective is to foster sustainable growth, harmoniously aligned with the broader interests and increasing for the betterment of the society”


“To be the number one leader in the travel and leisure industry, providing only the best services to our customers and developing their requirements”


“Our mission is to achieve the goal of a happy and seamless experience of every customer. While we strive for it, we make sure fair practices at work are implemented and the youth in our company feel empowered and experience equality in every aspect. Self Employed people are given our utmost concern to provide them with new sources of income and development of their organizations”

Why Reizgje Intercontinental Journey Travels and Tours?

Travel at Comfort

We are pleased to offer a curated selection of premier hotels, transportation options, and leisure activities for your consideration. Our deep understanding of the essence of an ideal vacation allows us to present you with a comprehensive array of choices. You have the privilege of selecting your preferences while entrusting the remainder to our proficient team. Your sole obligation during your holiday is to immerse yourself in joy and authenticity.

Expert Guidance

We hold a steadfast commitment to valuing each customer’s preferences with meticulous attention to detail, crafting bespoke travel packages that align precisely with their expectations, all while remaining within the defined budgetary constraints. Our amiable personnel boasts a profound love for travel and exploration, leveraging their passion to offer distinctive experiences and facilitate the exploration of undiscovered, yet extraordinary, destinations.

Seamless Experience

We maintain an unwavering dedication to honoring every customer’s preferences with scrupulous attention to intricacies, meticulously tailoring personalized travel packages that precisely harmonize with their anticipations, all while adhering to the established fiscal parameters. Our affable team members possess an innate ardor for travel and exploration, harnessing their fervor to deliver singular experiences and facilitate the discovery of hitherto uncharted, yet remarkable, locales.

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