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At Reizgje Software Development, we are your partner in harnessing the power of technology to drive unparalleled digital success. With a wide range of services, including website development, iOS and Android app development, software development, digital marketing, social media post designs, hosting, domain management, PC/laptop repair, mobile phone repair, system development for business ease-of-use, and comprehensive IT-related services, we are here to transform your digital presence.

Website Development

Crafting Stunning Online Experiences Whether you need a simple portfolio website or a robust e-commerce platform, our talented team of developers creates visually captivating and user-friendly websites that leave a lasting impression. [More]

iOS App Development

Captivate Apple Users with Cutting-edge Applications From concept to execution, we develop iOS apps that embody innovation, elegance, and functionality, ensuring seamless user experiences for Apple device users.

Android App Development

Engage the Vast Android User Base with Dynamic Apps Our skilled Android app developers leverage the power of the Android platform to create custom-tailored applications that captivate your target audience and maximize user engagement.

Software Development

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs Whether it’s a standalone software or a comprehensive enterprise solution, our expert developers design and develop robust software that streamlines your operations and boosts efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Accelerate Your Online Growth Our digital marketing strategies encompass SEO, paid advertising, social media marketing, and content creation to boost your online visibility, drive targeted traffic, and increase conversions.

Social Media Post Designs

Make a Lasting Impression on Social Platforms Our creative team designs captivating and share-worthy social media posts that effectively communicate your brand’s message, fostering engagement and amplifying your online presence.

Hosting & Domain

Secure and Reliable Digital Infrastructure We provide reliable hosting services and manage your domain, ensuring your website remains accessible and secure, providing a seamless experience for your visitors.

System Development for Business Easy-to-Use

Streamline Your Operations We develop intuitive and user-friendly systems tailored to your business needs, simplifying complex processes and enhancing productivity within your organization.

Software Based Point of Sales (Point of Sales)

Welcome to our cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) software, revolutionizing businesses in Sri Lanka and beyond! Our feature-rich solution seamlessly combines efficiency and flexibility, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your retail experience. From robust Inventory Management and Multiple Payment Methods to streamlined Returns, Refunds, and Store Credit features, we empower businesses to thrive. User accounts with customizable permissions ensure secure and controlled access, while Stock Transfers and Centralized Stock features simplify inventory logistics. Boost customer loyalty through our dynamic Loyalty Programme and elevate customer relations with intuitive Customer and Supplier Management. Effortlessly handle payments, purchases, and banking transactions with Customer/Supplier Payment Management and Purchase Order Analysis. Experience the power of multi-branch support, real-time Mobile Reports, and Voucher Sales for unparalleled convenience. With our software, your business is not just managed; it’s transformed. Join the future of retail excellence with our POS solution – where innovation meets success!

Cloud POS vs Traditional POS Systems: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying ahead often requires embracing technological advancements. When it comes to Point of Sale (POS) systems, the shift from traditional to cloud-based solutions is gaining momentum due to their ability to operate seamlessly from any location. As businesses strive to meet customer demands, understanding the differences between Cloud POS and Traditional POS systems becomes crucial in making an informed choice for your small business.

The Evolution of POS Systems:

POS systems come in three main types:

1. Traditional Point of Sale Systems:
– Commonly used in retail and restaurants for tracking sales and managing transactions.

2. Mobile Point of Sale Systems:
– Widely adopted in various businesses, including retail, food trucks, and construction.

3. Cloud-based POS Systems:
– Leverage the internet for connectivity, offering flexibility and accessibility from anywhere.

Importance of POS Systems in Modern Business:

POS systems play a pivotal role in managing sales, inventory, customer service, and marketing. They provide a customer-facing interface and facilitate efficient business operations, making them an essential component of retail establishments.

Cloud POS vs Traditional POS - Understanding the Difference:

Cloud-based POS Systems:
– Designed for efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.
– Operates over the internet, allowing access from any device with internet connectivity.
– Cost-effective with lower ownership costs, especially suitable for smaller businesses.
– Offers benefits like flexibility, upgradability, and scalability.

Traditional POS Systems:
– Suited for high-volume transactions and doesn’t require constant internet access.
– Involves higher upfront investments in hardware and software.
– Reliable, akin to a simple cash register, but lacks the flexibility of cloud-based systems.
– May be challenging to update, maintain, and gather accurate real-time data.

Pros and Cons of Cloud POS and Traditional POS:

Cloud-based POS:
Pros: Flexibility, scalability, lower overall costs, accessibility from any device.
Cons: Security concerns, potential integration issues, and decreased control over data.

Traditional POS:
Pros: Reliable, doesn’t require constant internet access.
Cons: Expensive to set up and maintain, lacks flexibility and real-time data.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a POS Technology:

Before selecting a POS system, consider factors such as the type of business, budget, number of employees, integration needs, and the necessity for a mobile solution. These questions will guide you toward the most suitable POS technology for your business.

Cloud-based POS vs Traditional POS for Small Businesses:

For small businesses, the choice between Cloud POS and Traditional POS hinges on factors like cost, accessibility, and flexibility. Traditional POS systems can be costly and less adaptable, making them less feasible for smaller enterprises. Cloud-based POS systems, while relatively newer, offer cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and accessibility from various devices, making them an attractive option for small businesses.

Adopting the Right POS System for Your Small Business:

As technology evolves, Cloud POS systems prove to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional counterparts. Small businesses can benefit from the affordability, user-friendliness, and accessibility across multiple devices that Cloud POS offers. Consider embracing this technological shift to enhance your business operations.

About Reizgje Software Development:
Reizgje Software Development, founded by Chameera and Gobikrishna D is skilled developer with roots in Bangalore, India, and currently residing in the UK and Sri Lanka. The company aims to provide cutting-edge solutions, including advanced Cloud POS systems, to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the modern era.

In conclusion, making the right choice between Cloud POS and Traditional POS is essential for the success of your small business. Embrace the technological advancements offered by Reizgje Software Development and ensure seamless operations for your retail business in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Pricing Perfection: Unveiling Unbeatable Rates for Reizgje Cloud POS Solutions

Package One


Talk to Sales

Based on Rest API

Attractive User Interface

Admin and Shop Manager Can Handle POS Orders

TAX Calculation Included

Minimal receipt generator

Only Cash Gateway

Highly Customizable

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Customers

Package Two


Talk to Sales

“Everything from ‘Package One: Basic.'”

Outlet & Counter Management

Cashier Can handle POS Orders

Secure Login Panel for Cashier

Advanced Receipt

Multiple Live Cart Management

Card Gateway Support

Unlimited Outlets

Unlimited Counters

Unlimited Cashiers


 * Additionally, it’s important to note that each of the aforementioned packages excludes hosting and domain services, which require annual renewal. Moreover, as a valuable bonus, you’ll receive an E-Commerce site seamlessly integrated with our Cloud POS, providing you with an efficient solution to manage your inventory effortlessly. Elevate your business with the convenience of unified management and continuous online presence.

** Experience flexibility with our payment model—annual access to Reizgje Cloud POS without the need for yearly payments. For added features and ongoing support in the following year, a separate payment is required. This ensures you have control over your investment, only paying for the enhancements and assistance you choose to avail.

Cloud Based CCTV

Step into the future of surveillance with our Cloud-based CCTV solution, proudly brought to you in collaboration with Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka’s Leading Quad-Play Connectivity Provider. As the #1 Network with the Fastest & Widest Coverage, Dialog Axiata PLC is at the forefront of revolutionizing connectivity, and together, we introduce a cutting-edge CCTV solution that seamlessly integrates with the power of the cloud. Our advanced surveillance technology not only ensures comprehensive coverage but also leverages Dialog’s robust network to deliver unparalleled reliability and speed. Safeguard your spaces with confidence, knowing that our Cloud-based CCTV solution, backed by Dialog Axiata PLC, is setting a new standard for connectivity-driven security solutions in Sri Lanka and beyond. Elevate your surveillance experience with the leaders in Quad-Play Connectivity and immerse yourself in a future where security meets innovation.

Comprehensive Support for Your Digital Journey We offer a range of additional IT-related services to cater to your unique requirements, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your digital journey.

With Reizgje Software Development, your digital potential knows no bounds. Contact us today and embark on a transformative journey toward unrivaled digital excellence. Unleash the power of technology to drive your success.

Unleash Your Digital Potential - Expert Web, App, and Software Development Services with Reizgje.com

Maximize Your Digital Powerhouse - Unparalleled Web, App, and Software Development Services, Plus Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing and Comprehensive IT Solutions

Maximize Your Digital Powerhouse - Unparalleled Web, App, and Software Development Services, Plus Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing and Comprehensive IT Solutions

Reizgje.com is your one-stop destination for unleashing the full potential of your digital presence. We go beyond expert web, app, and software development services to offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions, including groundbreaking digital marketing strategies that elevate your brand and drive unprecedented growth.

Our team of seasoned developers and marketing maestros is dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences that leave a lasting impact. With our seamless web development, captivating app designs, and robust software solutions, we build the foundation for your digital success. But we don’t stop there.

At Reizgje.com, we understand the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. Our experts harness the latest trends and technologies to amplify your online presence, boost your visibility, and drive targeted traffic that converts into loyal customers. From search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to content creation and paid advertising, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your brand shines across the digital landscape.

In addition to our web, app, and marketing prowess, we offer a comprehensive suite of IT services to support your business infrastructure. From network setup and security solutions to cloud migration and IT consulting, our team of IT experts provides the backbone for your digital operations, ensuring seamless functionality and peace of mind.

Don’t settle for mediocrity in the digital realm. Unlock your digital powerhouse with Reizgje.com. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey where your digital potential knows no bounds. Together, we’ll create a digital ecosystem that propels your brand to new heights of success.

Strategic Web Development Blueprint

At Reizgje Software Development, we don’t just create websites; we engineer digital success. Our approach begins with a meticulous web development strategy tailored to your specific goals and target audience. We delve deep into understanding your unique requirements, industry landscape, and competitive advantages, ensuring our solutions drive unparalleled performance and growth.

Sculpting Seamless Information Architecture

Weaving a seamless user experience is at the core of our approach. Our expert team crafts an intuitive information architecture that effortlessly guides your visitors through your website’s content. By strategically organizing information and optimizing navigation, we create a digital ecosystem where users can effortlessly discover, engage, and convert.

Inspiring Designs that Leave an Impression

Elevate your brand’s identity with captivating website designs from Reizgje Software Development. Our creative visionaries blend artistic flair with strategic thinking to craft visually stunning interfaces that captivate and inspire. With a focus on aesthetics, usability, and brand consistency, our designs make a lasting impression and leave your visitors eager for more.

Development Excellence, Exceeding Expectations

Using cutting-edge technologies and coding expertise, our skilled developers bring your vision to life. With meticulous attention to detail, we transform designs into fully functional websites and flawlessly execute iOS and Android app development. We stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring your digital solutions are not only powerful but also future-proof.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

At Reizgje Software Development, we never settle for anything less than perfection. Rigorous quality assurance and testing are integral parts of our process. Our dedicated QA team meticulously checks every aspect of your digital solutions, ensuring optimal performance, security, and seamless functionality across multiple platforms and devices.

Making Waves with a Successful Launch

When the time comes to unveil your digital masterpiece, we stand by your side. Our team orchestrates a successful launch, handling all technical aspects seamlessly. From domain setup and hosting to deployment and post-launch support, we ensure a smooth transition into the digital arena, maximizing your visibility and impact from day one.

Reizgje Software Development is your ultimate partner for web development, iOS and Android app development, digital marketing, social media marketing, and comprehensive IT services. Contact us today, and together we will revolutionize your online presence, unlocking unprecedented success for your brand.

Elevate Your Business with Expert Software Development Solutions

Embark on a transformative digital experience with Reizgje Software Development, your trusted partner for cutting-edge software solutions. Specializing in web-based applications, Android apps, and iOS apps, we uphold the utmost commitment to client security, limiting the direct sharing of our portfolio links. However, we invite you to explore select website interfaces and snapshots of Android and iOS apps that stand as shining examples of our technical prowess.

While the confidentiality of each project prohibits a complete reveal of all intricate details, these glimpses offer a preview of the advanced features, sleek design, and user-centric experiences that define our creations. These showcased websites and mobile applications encapsulate the culmination of our dedication to excellence.

For those eager to delve deeper into our capabilities, please note that, for security reasons, we refrain from providing sample access to entire systems. Yet, our dedicated team is poised to offer comprehensive explanations and personalized demonstrations tailored to your specific requirements. Reach out to Reizgje Software Development today to witness firsthand how our professional software development services can bring your digital vision to life.

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