Remote Marketing and Sales Staff

Job Description:

Reizgje Software Development and Techbytz are seeking motivated individuals to join our dynamic team as Remote Marketing and Sales Staff. We are a leading digital marketing, software, and web development company based in Sri Lanka, with opportunities for both remote and in-office positions.


  • Female staff: Work from home initially, with the potential to transition to in-office work in the future. Focus on marketing our services and generating leads remotely.
  • Male staff: Visit companies, offices, and business places to acquire new orders for website development, cloud POS systems, and digital marketing services.
  • Conduct sales presentations and product demonstrations as needed, either remotely or in-person.
  • Achieve monthly sales targets and goals.
  • Utilize SIM cards provided by the company for calling customers.


  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Basic IT knowledge, including proficiency in Excel.
  • Serious commitment to meeting sales targets and growing the business.
  • Fluency in Sinhala and/or Tamil preferred.
  • Ability to work remotely and independently.
  • Candidates from all regions of Sri Lanka are welcome to apply.


  • Flexible work-from-home arrangements.
  • Commission-based compensation with the potential for basic salary and bonuses.
  • Opportunity for career advancement and professional growth.
  • Weekly meetings (for staff in Colombo surrounding areas) to ensure alignment and support.

Salary: Commission-based with potential for basic salary and bonuses (100,000 LKR to 350,000 LKR)

Salary Structure:

  • The salary for the Remote Marketing and Sales Staff position is primarily commission-based, with the potential for additional basic salary and bonuses.
  • Initially, employees will earn commissions for each order they successfully acquire for the company’s services, including website development, cloud POS systems, and digital marketing services.
  • The commission structure may vary depending on the type and value of the orders secured by the employee.

Basic Salary and Bonuses:

  • Once employees achieve targeted orders and consistently meet or exceed monthly sales targets, they become eligible for additional compensation in the form of a basic salary and bonuses.
  • The basic salary serves as a fixed income component, providing financial stability to employees in addition to their commission earnings.
  • Bonuses are awarded based on exceptional performance, such as surpassing sales targets or demonstrating outstanding sales achievements.

Payment Schedule:

  • Commissions are typically paid on a regular schedule, such as monthly or bi-monthly, depending on the company’s payroll process.
  • Basic salary and bonuses are usually disbursed according to the company’s predetermined payment schedule, which may coincide with commission payments or follow a separate timeline.

Payment Methods:

  • Payments are typically made via direct deposit to the employee’s bank account.
  • Alternatively, employees may receive their payments through other electronic payment methods, such as mobile money transfer services or digital wallets.

Transparency and Communication:

  • The company maintains transparency regarding the salary structure and payment process, ensuring that employees understand how their earnings are calculated and distributed.
  • Clear communication channels are established to address any questions or concerns regarding salary payments, allowing employees to have full visibility and confidence in their compensation.

Performance Evaluation:

  • Regular performance evaluations are conducted to assess employees’ sales performance and determine eligibility for additional compensation components, such as basic salary increments or bonuses.
  • Employees who consistently meet or exceed sales targets and demonstrate exceptional performance may receive salary adjustments and performance-based incentives to recognize their contributions to the company’s success.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply directly through our online portal by following this link: Apply Online or Below form. Please ensure that your CV is in PDF format.

For inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp at 0094776622444. Please refrain from calling unless absolutely necessary, as we have provided detailed information in this posting.

Note: Reizgje Software Development is located in Sri Lanka, while Techbytz is based in the UK. Visit our websites for more information: Reizgje – Sri Lanka | Techbytz – UK

Employer: At Reizgje Software Development Techbytz
Job Category: Marketing Specialist Remote Marketing and Sales Staff
Job Type: Commission Based Full Time Part Time Work from home
Job Location: Sri Lanka
Specific City: Colombo

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